Kitchen Coming Together

After hanging the rails on the studs of the wall, it was time to finally get this room together. For want of a hot meal, the goal was to have the oven and microwave connected. Well, we did it! And here’s some photos from the day. Time-lapse to come. 

Some things that made this job tough were moving the big pantry cabinet. It was not only big and heavy, but the gap to the ceiling was about 3/4 inch. Also, the microwave was a real pain. It turns out that the microwave wasn’t deep enough to mount without blocking the vent from the cabinet above it. With a little ingenuity we were able to space the bucket from the wall using the studs and some 2×4’s and make sure it was mounted solidly. 

Fortunate for us, after we mounted everything we realized that the cabinet doors needed space to swing open and so we had to unmount the microwave and re-mount it 3/4inch to the left. What a pain! But the final product was well worth the work. 


Getting Ready for the Move

Today was a whirlwind. By 8:30 I had finished flooring the family room; by 11:00 the dumpster was full, and by the end of the day the entrance was floored and all the tools and rooms were cleaned up. Here’s a couple pics of one busy day. A big time lapse is to come later.  

Flooring the Entrance and Flamily Room

Less than a month to moving into the house, we’re trying to get the flooring done throughout the house. Tom, Andrea, and I put in a good day’s work trying to get ready for the move by flooring the entrance and family room.

Here’s some pics and the time lapse, enjoy!

Stair Light

After typin all morning, Andrea and I headed to the house to get some stuff done. Not looking at breaking my back, we decided to finally change the light fixture over the stairs in the entryway. Here’s a couple pics. 

Preparing for Hanging Cabinets

After returning to Ikea, we were able to exchange the cabinets that were mistakenly delivered in-place of the correct ones. Apparently, we found a few cabinets that didn’t belong and were missing some from the order. After showing the receipt to the Ikea service desk, we were issued an exchange which went really smoothly. 

After returning from Ikea, we began to hang the wall rails for the cabinets. Here is a video and a photo.

The rails did require me to pick up some cool cabinet screws and locate all the studs, but after drawing on the wall, everything seemed to work out. Go figure.


Cabinets in the Kitchen

We began the day by finishing up the last bits of flooring in the kitchen and the dining room. This being the fifth day of flooring, I feel like I’m getting better at clicking those things together. The last rows are always a little tough, but it wasn’t that big of a deal until we reached the dining room to living room threshhold. We decided to stop there and get to work on the kitchen cabinets.

The whole idea about getting to the cabinets before finishing the flooring throughout the house was to prepare to repair the kitchen flooring in the case that we damaged some of the flooring durring the installation.

We measured the location of the cabinets on the south wall, then decided to finally inventory the huge mess of boxes. With some extra hands, we were able to figure out what we were missing and what was extra. Turns out we’re missing some cabinets and have some that we shouldn’t have. Time to take a trip to Ikea to get things squared away.

Some Copper Stuff

After browsing the local hardware stores for light fixtures and seeing what prices they charge for the most basic of hardware, Andrea and I decided to also look online on Etsy. Now I know what you’re thinking,”that’s super hipster” or “you’re a fool.” Well, eat it! I don’t want to pay $60 for a simple chord and light; instead, I would rather pay $50 for a chord and a light with a cover that is the look and feel that is appropriate for its space. Wheeew. So anyways, a picture of what we picked up from Etsy for approx. $50 is the featured image (you guessed it). It’s a simple copper light with a copper canopy to cover the electrical box in the ceiling. It also came with mounting hardware (copper of course) and a nice letter from the owner of the Etsy Store: Illuminate Vintage. After seeing this fixture, and its construction, I was pretty impressed. In the future I might look at some of their other options:

They have many options, but I’m kinda sold on the copper look. I think it will go well with the blue theme in the house as a nice accent. Anyways, my tip is to not settle for common store bought stuff that is overpriced. Instead, pay the same price for something made in the United States by a small business. I’m digging this Etsy thing and I think you should check it out too.

Anyways, my tip is to not settle for common store bought stuff that is overpriced. Instead, pay the same price for something made in the United States by a small business. I’m digging this Etsy thing and I think you should check it out too. More photos to come once we install this neat light.



Dremel Velocity Oh My Goodness

Making precise cuts with a reciprocating saw is like trying to shave with an axe. It can be done, but you’re gonna end up bleeding and crying when you’re done. I recently bought this oscillating tool that the guy at Lowes recommended, and probably won’t be looking back on this purchase. I present to you, the Dremel Velocity:


Now, I’m not just some sucker who buys tools and then uses them lightly. I like to smash, pry, and cut stuff. I’ve been known to return hammers to the store for a replacement because I broke the head in two while hammering on glowing hot metal.

Let me tell you how awesome this sucker is:

1 – It is easy to use. I’m kinda bad at reading instructions. You lift the lever, throw in the blade, lower the lever, and then turn on the switch. That’s it. It’s super easy

2 – This sucker has POWER. I mean it cuts like a boss. I cut through Pergo, made a cut that was on the money, and it took it like a champ. I can slice through door jambs like butter.

3 – Adjustability is key, and this thing lets you put the tool upside down, around, and anywhere you need it. I think this thing is pretty sweet! Want to cut into a tight corner? Done! How about under the door jamb? Done! How about in the attic to make some space for that vent that was never properly installed? Done! It pretty versatile when it comes to cutting.

So I recomend this thig! Don’t wuss out and get light weight oscillating tools, but this thing and never be afraid of cutting in tight spaces again!

Anyways, thanks Dremel for making this product. I did not receive or was asked to give this review. I did it all on my very own. I was impressed enough to write it by myself, like a man.

Here’s a link.

Buy it!

Kitchen Flooring Almost Done

Well, three days of straight flooring is kinda rough on a guy who doesn’t really know what he’s doing. So I wasn’t able to finish the kitchen and dining room. Next weekend we can plan on finishing these rooms. With Andrea feeling sick, my back giving out, and no end in sight, we decided to just call it a day early.

Aside from that, we made significant progress this weekend! The Master bedroom was floored, the kitchen and dining room 90% floored, and a huge amount of brush was burned. In total, we had a good weekend.

Here are a couple photos and a nice time-lapse you can watch while sipping coffee, enjoy!