Kitchen Coming Together

After hanging the rails on the studs of the wall, it was time to finally get this room together. For want of a hot meal, the goal was to have the oven and microwave connected. Well, we did it! And here’s some photos from the day. Time-lapse to come. 

Some things that made this job tough were moving the big pantry cabinet. It was not only big and heavy, but the gap to the ceiling was about 3/4 inch. Also, the microwave was a real pain. It turns out that the microwave wasn’t deep enough to mount without blocking the vent from the cabinet above it. With a little ingenuity we were able to space the bucket from the wall using the studs and some 2×4’s and make sure it was mounted solidly. 

Fortunate for us, after we mounted everything we realized that the cabinet doors needed space to swing open and so we had to unmount the microwave and re-mount it 3/4inch to the left. What a pain! But the final product was well worth the work. 


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