Cabinets in the Kitchen

We began the day by finishing up the last bits of flooring in the kitchen and the dining room. This being the fifth day of flooring, I feel like I’m getting better at clicking those things together. The last rows are always a little tough, but it wasn’t that big of a deal until we reached the dining room to living room threshhold. We decided to stop there and get to work on the kitchen cabinets.

The whole idea about getting to the cabinets before finishing the flooring throughout the house was to prepare to repair the kitchen flooring in the case that we damaged some of the flooring durring the installation.

We measured the location of the cabinets on the south wall, then decided to finally inventory the huge mess of boxes. With some extra hands, we were able to figure out what we were missing and what was extra. Turns out we’re missing some cabinets and have some that we shouldn’t have. Time to take a trip to Ikea to get things squared away.


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