Dremel Velocity Oh My Goodness

Making precise cuts with a reciprocating saw is like trying to shave with an axe. It can be done, but you’re gonna end up bleeding and crying when you’re done. I recently bought this oscillating tool that the guy at Lowes recommended, and probably won’t be looking back on this purchase. I present to you, the Dremel Velocity:


Now, I’m not just some sucker who buys tools and then uses them lightly. I like to smash, pry, and cut stuff. I’ve been known to return hammers to the store for a replacement because I broke the head in two while hammering on glowing hot metal.

Let me tell you how awesome this sucker is:

1 – It is easy to use. I’m kinda bad at reading instructions. You lift the lever, throw in the blade, lower the lever, and then turn on the switch. That’s it. It’s super easy

2 – This sucker has POWER. I mean it cuts like a boss. I cut through Pergo, made a cut that was on the money, and it took it like a champ. I can slice through door jambs like butter.

3 – Adjustability is key, and this thing lets you put the tool upside down, around, and anywhere you need it. I think this thing is pretty sweet! Want to cut into a tight corner? Done! How about under the door jamb? Done! How about in the attic to make some space for that vent that was never properly installed? Done! It pretty versatile when it comes to cutting.

So I recomend this thig! Don’t wuss out and get light weight oscillating tools, but this thing and never be afraid of cutting in tight spaces again!

Anyways, thanks Dremel for making this product. I did not receive or was asked to give this review. I did it all on my very own. I was impressed enough to write it by myself, like a man.

Here’s a link.

Buy it!


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