Getting the Kitchen Flooring Started

I started to lay the groundwork (hehe) for the flooring for the kitchen/dining room. In the beginning of the video I was calculating what width the first board would have to be in order to have at least a 3 inch wide board on the other wall, since I am also planning on not having a transition strip to the living room, I wanted to make sure that the living room had at least a 3inch board as its last row as well. After many doodles, I was able to figure it out. I was able to lay the flooring by snapping the Pergo together and then taping it together to secure it. I had a little trouble figuring out the cutout for the doorway, but after many pencil lines and a couple accidental cuts, it turned out great. I think that the next step is to really get cooking (hehe) on the kitchen floor.

It was a long, day, but I think I’m ready to finish this guy another day.



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