Making a Window Bigger

I really didn’t like the idea of having a dining room without access to the patio, especially when I could turn a window into a doorway. I began by removing power from the outlets in the dining room and removing the window.

Once the window was out, I cut out the wall from the inside using a level to mark the cut line as straight and plumb as I could. After the interior wall was removed, I discovered an electrical line that was cut and addressed the wires by capping them off and later removed the wires by pulling them out of the wall and outlet boxes. I didn’t want to have live wires in the wall that were unterminated. Then, by using some protective gear, a ceramic saw in my circular saw, and letting gravity help with the cutting, two slits were made to the measured height.

Once the slits were cut, I used an air chisel to break apart the bricks one-by-one.

With the help from Tom and my Dad, the three of us were able to make a nice large hole in the wall ready for a door.


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